The Mohawk-Hudson Dowsers


Members Live in the New York Capital Region

Albany, Columbia, Fulton, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady,

Schoharie, Warren, and Washington Counties


    Books & Tools

  • A Letter To Robin by Walter Woods - A free 26 page booklet, teaches you how to accurately dowse and access the unlimited repository of knowledge and information (aka the Superconscious).
  • - Biofield Wellness Consultant, Aura Imaging Specialist and Photographer, Aura Scans & Clearing; Identify Harmful EMFs, Geopathic Stress Areas, & Dirty Electricity with onsite Home Survey. "Unseen Worlds of Subtle Energy: Exploring and Verifying Energy Using Auric Field Photography" book by Lorna Reichel.

  • Esoteric Tuning… Achieving Well-being (Softcover) – by Don R. Taylor. How you in partnership with Spirit, can clear yourself, home & workplace, to achieve well-being and an environment that supports your well-being.  250 page book explains how imbalances are caused by disruptive influences, including entities, inhibiting factors (such as hexes, curses, and psychic attack), non-beneficial thought forms, non-beneficial fundamental beliefs, and negative emotional imprints. Disruptive influences from the environment (home, workplace) include vortices, and Curry and Hartmann lines. The book provides comprehensive step-by-step methodologies you can use to clear disruptive influences thereby enabling your personal energy fields to achieve balance. Price: $34.95  (Available at ASD Bookstore)



  • Lorna Reichel, Crystal Keeper - An excellent selection of Natural crystals, grid sets, minerals and crystal pendulums at reasonable prices;  metaphysical properties of crystals.  Crystal Party's.  Phone: 518-383-9066.

      About Dowsing 

  • How Does Dowsing Work by Paul H. Smith  - You Tube Video from a scientific perspective on Dowsing and Quantum Entanglement.

  • Elizabeth Brown - Causative Diagnosis. A dowser and author on Dowsing for health and healing. Covers pioneering scientific discoveries that explain the mechanics of dowsing; how dowsing can become an invaluable tool to optimize your own health, well-being, and quality of life

  • David Cowan - Author and Researcher of Earth Energies, Standing stones, Spirits, Ley Lines, protecting your home from harmful energies, dowsing to create positive change.

  • Dowsing -

  • Western Geomancy, Grahame Gardner- Shamanic dowsing, working with spirits, house healing,

    Dowsing Societies and Groups


Healing Energy by Jon Barron -  Scaler energy