The Mohawk-Hudson Dowsers


Members Live in the New York Capital Region

Albany, Columbia, Fulton, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady,

Schoharie, Warren, and Washington Counties

Services Offered by Our Members


Water Dowsing
Bill has been dowsing water wells and finding 'good' water for 50+ years. He specializes in determining quality of water veins, hazards at the drilling site such as crevices, caves, sulfur, salt, gas, etc. He has also used dowsing for locating utility lines, energy fields, entities and his own well being.
Bill Getz, Professional Water Dowser
239 Webster Road, Schoharie NY 12157
(518) 872-2029    (518) 522-9149 cell


Spirit Rescue and Dowsing for Ghosts

Tick clears entities from haunted locations and performs spirit rescues. He is author of the book, "Spirit Rescue, A Dowser's Ghostly Encounters". A dowser for 35 years, he also dowses for water & lost objects, works with earth energies, and is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master.
Tick Gaudreau, Dowser
Troy, NY


Lorna Reichel

Diane Anderson, DowserReiki for People and Animals
Diane uses her dowsing skills to detect, transform and balance many types of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. Among her services are clearing and balancing the energy of homes and businesses, installing spiritual water filters on water pipes to cleanse incoming water of detrimental energies, balancing the body's chakras and energy systems, discovering which foods and supplements support health, and dowsing to clear unconscious obstructions. She works onsite and remotely.
Diane Anderson, Dowser
Woodstock Energy works, Woodstock, NY
(845) 679-6401

Aura Imaging, Energy Balancing, Dowsing Instruction, EMF Home Safety Surveys, Bio-Energy Research
Lorna has been studying energy consciousness and holistic health for over 25 years. She is known for sharing information and her energy work. She helps people deepen their connection with themselves and their relationships with others. A researcher of auric fields, patterns of thought, and healing outcomes, she shows us we are more than our physical bodies. She is the author of "Unseen Worlds of Subtle Energy: Exploring and Verifying Energy Using Auric Field Photography". Services available onsite, office, and remotely.
Lorna Reichel

Clifton Park, NY.
(518) 383-9066

Dowsing Instruction, Intentional Self-Healing Coach
Saratoga Springs Water Tour Guide (Individuals & Groups)

Trent holds a certificate in Bio-harmonics, and does workshops on Radionics, Intentional Healing and Healing Devices, Sacred Relationship, and the Health and Healing Properties of Water. He has also developed the “Optic-phonic” system of communicating with water. Trent has concentrated the last years on research, experiences, medical history and re-validating the healing waters of Saratoga. He does informational tours of the mineral water of Saratoga Springs.
Aime "Trent" Millet

Vermont and Saratoga Springs, NY
(802) 473-2836

Speakers Bureau:
In our effort to make information about dowsing available to the public, we have members willing to make presentations to other interested and like-minded groups. If you would like to have one of these people make a presentation to your group, please contact the person directly.